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Can my a​ce b​lend be consumed as a meal?

Ace Blend Plant-Protein isn't a 'supplement'. It's categorised as ‘condensed food’.

It's a high-protein, green, antioxidant-rich, and low-carb meal.

It is essentially a low-calorie, nutrient-dense meal/snack.

The nutritional facts at the back of the pack will give you further insights on the naturally obtained macronutrients per serving.

Can I have my a​ce b​lend with milk / Or anything Else?

Being certified as a vegan product, we love non-dairy beverages as they're lighter on the gut and prevent any form of bloating or indigestion.

But if you're a fan, you can use milk as well.

Ace Blend can easily be used with any beverage of your choice, make into a smoothie, or even a bowl.
Though honestly, it's fantastic simply with cool water.

Can I make my Ace blend and sip on it over time?

Ace Blend does not contain any synthetic emulsifiers.

Blending and storing it is not recommended as it affects the overall experience of the natural flavours.

Quick consumption is highly recommended.

Are there any side effects with Ace blend?

Ace Blend’s ingredients can be categorised as hypoallergenic, which makes the ingredients very friendly to the body.

If you are highly susceptible to specific food allergies it is best to check with your health practitioner about specifications.

Why is the texture of my ac​e b​lend different from other protein blends?

The right way is always the hardest to perfect.

We have approached the ultra-premium ingredients in the best way for your body.

Using natural fibres to provide better consistency, we have strongly refrained from using synthetics (that can make the drink smoother).

Our blends are a safe,​ ​long​ ​term​ + natural​ ​solution​ for your everyday health enhacements.

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