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1st floor,Doctor House 108,
Dr Gopal Rao Deshmukh mARG, Cumballa Hill,Mumbai , Maharashtra, 400026

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    Who makes Ace blend?

    Ace Blend is not just concocted for the ‘upcoming market’ by
    marketers. Ace Blend's deep knowledge and authenticity stem from the collective knowledge, expertise, and experience of a collective strength of over 130+ years. This includes industry leaders from nutraceuticals, clinical nutritionists, nutritional PhDs, & psychologists. Ace Blend's team controls the end-to-end supply chain of over 500 ingredients and Blends its ingredients in state-of-the-art facilities which are revered across the world. Putting health FIRST, we work to elevate your experience of consuming.....
    Our high-end naturally obtained quality, aims to surpass global standards by changing the game.

    Are there any side effects?

    Ace Blend
    is 100% free of Lactose-Gluten-Synthetics-Soy-Added Sugar.Each of its ingredients are certified as *Hypoallergenic* (contains no allergens). Being naturally crafted, Ace Blend does not lead to long-term side effects as opposed to synthetic sources.It's_Internationally Certified_, for your authentic, enhanced nutrition.

    What are the certifications of Ace blend?

    Ace Blend is an award-winning revolutionary natural nourisher and *FSSAI
    Certified* for Pan-India nourishment. Aces
    Intact Pvt Ltd is multi-certified with valid certifications for
    global authentic nourishment.Ace Blend is certified by GMP, ensuring 3 things:-Premium
    Sourcing-Perfected Dosing Global crafting standards Each batch is quality checked by our *ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems* team which provides personal supervision on each Ace that’s blended for you.

    Can I get personal guidance?

    We'd LOVE to always give you 100% free nutritional advice once you get your Blends. Get in touch with us at or via Whatsapp on: +917021204058 and we'll be always happy to help

    Can I consume Ace blend’s natural nutrition without a doctor’s prescription?

    Every single Blend can be seamlessly used without any doctor's prescription.

    What is the correct age to consume a sedentary/ Essential lifestyle?

    Anyone above the age of 16 or body weight above 40kgs can definitely make the most from his/her Ace Blend.

    Is Ace blend safe for pregnant women?

    Momsacross the world LOVE their Ace Blend. Ace Blend is 100% hypoallergenic (contains no allergens) & free from side effects that may arise from synthetic sources of protein. Ace Blend’s natural protein is actively nourishing prenatal, pregnant & postpartum mothers across the country with clean & verified protein that is extremely vital to: • Regain strength • Provide essential micronutrients• Efficiently manage weight
    Additionally, for an insight into how the Blends are crafted, do visit us on: As each person's case is different we recommend you seek your certified medical practitioner’s advice.

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