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We reinvented protein by harnessing the best of nature and blending it with hard science.  Our multi-source, multi-ingredient blends are a product of the 21st century.

Flavor blended with science

Protein for every body

Enhanced Health

Crafted with plant protein, vital greens, antioxidants and essential pre and probiotics, Daily Protein is an all-in-one natural blend that paints a complete picture of nutrition. 

Improved Strength

Even if heavy lifting at the gym isn’t your jam, you still need protein to power through daily living.

Metabolism to envy

Protein is key to burning calories more effectively and building up your metabolism. Added perks? No more junk food cravings + fat loss.

Fortified immunity

Formulated with 4 antioxidants - curcumin, grapeseed, lycopene and green tea - this multi-nutrient blend works on keeping you in the peak of health.

Muscle Advancement

30G of the highest quality plant-protein is pivotal in optimising lean muscle advancement.

Rapid Recovery

This overachieving blend boosts performance by enabling quick repair and recovery. 

Higher Absorption

Our patented gut-boosting formula aids in fat loss, digestion and enables 99% absorption of your blend.

Improved Gut Microbiome

Our blend pack 3 pre+probiotic strains, a power package that facilitates a stronger gut-brain connection.


    Our team of experts have curated clinically verified, multi-nutrient blends that outperform your average protein powders.


    Blends backed by proven science


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