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Whey Protein Vs. Plant Protein: What to Choose?

Whey Protein Vs. Plant Protein: What to Choose?


 Less than 4% of the global population is considered healthy (ACCORDING TO WHO?). In research centres worldwide, innovation around nutrition is being funded to work towards one significant goal — Human Longevity (lifespan + healthspan). This has made the concept of natural supplements popular, especially among Gen Z consumers, but the solutions are far from holistic, yet. The purpose is to meet the human body's fundamental nutrient needs, to enable us to live healthy lives with maximum convenience. However, several people are sceptical about consuming 'supplements'. The common belief is that 'if I have eggs in my breakfast or a big bowl of salad — I’m healthy.

The absence of even a single nutrient over time can lead to

  • Faster ageing
  • Faster muscle loss
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional instability
  • Bad digestive health
  • Poor immunity
  • Foggy Brain
  • Weaker joints

The real problem with the 'natural supplements’ industry is the marketing-forward approach by some companies, which has generated distrust among people who understand the depth of nutrition labels. Inauthentic dosing, false claims, hidden ingredients and excessive sugars are some of the factors that have led to a lack of faith in supplements. However, innovation is brewing in different parts of the world, with the goal to push 'quality nutrition' forward. This is how we define Ace Blend’s journey too — advancing nutrition backed by science.

Why do you need supplements when there’s 'natural food'?

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