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Whey Protein Vs. Plant Protein: What to Choose?

Whey Protein Vs. Plant Protein: What to Choose?


Blogging is one of the best and lowest-cost ways to generate traffic and sales for your store, so “write a blog post” is firmly planted on your content marketing to-do list—but when it comes time to sit down and face that blank document?

Crickets. And a solid hour of deleting every sentence you put down.

You’re definitely not alone on this, since writing probably isn’t what got you into the business-owning game in the first place (unless you started with a blog and monetized it).

But since everything you’ve ever heard about how great blogging is for your business is true, we want to make it a bit easier to get those high-impact posts out the door.

That’s why we put together a kit of templates for four of the best posts you can create for your ecommerce store’s blog—and wrote this post to take you step-by-step through how to do it.

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